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Harveys Bristol Cream

Harveys Bristol Cream

On the palate Bristol Cream delivers a full bodied experience with rich yet mellow notes leaving a long lasting and velvety finish. A complete, balanced and surprising compendium of wine from Jerez, it's best enjoyed chilled at 12°C in a wine glass or mix over ice with a slice of ... more


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Taylor Cream Sherry

Taylor Cream Sherry

Deep amber in hue, Taylor Cream Sherry is a full bodied dessert wine with a medley of sweet and nutty flavors. This moderately sweet sherry contains nuances of toffee and roasted nuts. It is delicious with dessert or after dinner. Serve chilled or at room temperature.  more


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Taylor Dry Sherry

Taylor Dry Sherry

Light in color and delicate in flavor with nuances of roasted nuts, Taylor Dry Sherry is a classically styled pale dry sherry. It is delicious as an aperitif. Serve slightly chilled, over ice, with a twist, or with soda.  more


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Dry Sack Medium Dry Sherry

Dry Sack Medium Dry Sherry

An amber-coloured wine of intense aromas suggesting dried nuts. Full-bodied and balanced, with little acid and slightly sweet. It can be drunk neat or with ice. It is recommended as an aperitif or to accompany pasta.  more


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Hartley & Gibson's Dry Fino Sherry

Hartley & Gibson's Dry Fino Sherry

Flaxen pale to gossamer golden; very dry to dry; almond-reminiscent bouquet; delicate and light, but fully satisfying. Always serve chilled.  more


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Hartley & Gibson's Cream Sherry

Hartley & Gibson's Cream Sherry

Dark gold to velvety brown; scentful bouquet; luscious, smooth and richly sweet in flavor; heavy-bodied. Serve at room temperature or over ice.  more


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Christian Brothers Cream Sherry

Christian Brothers Cream Sherry

The Christian Brothers Cream Sherry has been a popular alternative to aperitifs and after dinner wines. With its full bodied caramelized character, Cream Sherry makes a wonderful complement to chocolate and sweet desserts, or it can be enjoyed as a smooth and mellow sipping wine throughout the evening.  more


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