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Touriga Francesca

W&J Graham's Tawny Port 40 year old

W&J Graham's Tawny Port 40 year old

we 94
Graham's 40 Years of Age: golden amber with a pale green tinge at the rim, which denotes great quality and class. Very complex on the nose with a powerful fragrance and opulence that belies its age. The palate is a gamut of flavours, ranging from delicate apricot fruit and raisins ... more


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Delaforce Vintage Port 2000

Delaforce Vintage Port 2000

Vintage ports are made and declared only in years of exceptional climatic and quality conditions. After bottling, they mature slowly for many years to gain the unforgettable richness that places them among the world's greatest wines.  more


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W&J Graham's Tawny Port 20 year old

W&J Graham's Tawny Port 20 year old

ws 93
we 90
Graham's 20 Years Old Tawny is the result of the Master Blender's quest for the perfect balance between young and aged Port wines. This is a Port wine perfected over twenty years to delight those in pursuit of excellence. Colour: Amber; golden tawny. Aromas: Excellent bouquet; with a characteristically nutty ... more


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Dow's Tawny Port 2017

Dow's Tawny Port 2017 20 year old

The grapes are harvested by hand in the fall and fermented for a short period of time before the addition of 100% neutral grape spirit alcohol. This step stops fermentation, preserves the wine's natural grape sugars, and gives it unique rich flavors. Aged Tawnies spend many years aging in oak ... more


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Locations P

Locations P

The glass opens with a triple layered aroma of savory peppercorn and cocoa, jasmine flowers, and black fruit. The immediate dark chocolate structure provides the canvas on which black cherries, roasted lamb, and exotic spices intermingle. The wine finishes with the tapering dark chocolate structure and culminates with hints of ... more


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Dow's Trademark Finest Reserve Port

Dow's Trademark Finest Reserve Port

Rich ruby colour. On the nose packed with rich and concentrated strawberry fruit, and hints of spices. On the palate, full fruit flavours, well balanced, and with a long slightly dry finish that is the hallmark of all Dow's Ports.  more


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Fonseca Vintage Port 2009

Fonseca Vintage Port 2009

ws 95
Impenetrable black colour. A classic Fonseca nose dominated by an exuberant, hedonistic fruitiness, a powerful redolence of dark dense blackberry and blackcurrant which slowly releases a heady mix of spicy and herbal aromas, seductive notes of coffee and cocoa, hints of prune and wild scents of gumcistus. The thick velvety ... more


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