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Cockburn's (Coh-burns) was founded in 1815 and has grown to become one of the world's great port houses. Makers of a complete line of fine ports, including Cockburn's Special Reserve - the world's most popular premium branded port - Cockburn's is known worldwide for its mature, slightly drier wine style. What sets Cockburn's apart from all other port houses is a rigorous quality control standard exercised on all aspects of production. Being the largest vineyard owner in the Port district also gives Cockburn's huge stocks of aged wines for its many fine blends. Cockburn's strives to produce the world's finest ports - from vine to glass. The grapes for Special Reserve are picked at the peak of ripeness from single varietal vineyards in the best vineyard areas, assuring top quality fruit for the Special Reserve blend. Cockburn's ferments longer and uses a higher percentage of older wines in the blend to achieve a more complex, slightly drier character that is the Cockburn's signature style. Visit the Cockburn's website.
Cockburn's Vintage Port 2003

Cockburn's Vintage Port 2003

ws 95
Our blenders have been tasting, categorizing and identifying the wines that might go into the final vintage blend for the best part of two years now. Only after the most rigorous selection was the final decision taken; it's been a long, focused, process. This wine is intensely purple in color, ... more


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Cockburn's Special Reserve Port

Cockburn's Special Reserve Port

we 87
Take top quality grapes (trodden) and plenty of seasoned wood barrels. Lay aside to rest. Then just add Time. Our Special Reserve Port was first created in 1969. Then, it was the first of its kind and caused a revolution in the way Port was seen and drunk by people ... more


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Cockburn's Tawny Port 10 year old

Cockburn's Tawny Port 10 year old

we 89
ws 89
Cockburn's 10 Year Old Tawny has a bright tawny red colour. On the nose lively candied fruit aromas, combine with toffee, caramel and honey. On the palate beautifully rounded, with delicious mature dried fruits and hints of walnuts and almonds, exquisitely mellow and a long luscious nish. Cockburn's 10 Year ... more


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Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port

Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port

st 87
We blend several young wines from a few different years to give our Fine Ruby the richness and the fresh fruit that you would expect of a zesty young Port. It is then matured for a few years in large vats, which gives it both its lovely softness and its ... more


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Cockburn's Fine Tawny Port

Cockburn's Fine Tawny Port

Dried fruits, caramel, nuts, berries and a hint of barrel ageing, all at the same time. It's easy to drink, lighter in colour than Ruby Port and not yet as complex as our Aged Tawny Ports (10 Years Old, 20 Years Old). Ageing: The flavours of wood ageing have influenced ... more


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