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Cherie and Philippe share the belief that the "wine must tell the story of the native soil". Through Melka Wines, Cherie and Philippe enjoy a freedom to nurture and blend each varietal and vineyard lot. The Melka's pursuit of excellence and balance in their wines is equaled only by their dedication to exceptional quality.
Melka La Mekerra Proprietary White 2015

Melka La Mekerra Proprietary White 2015

Aroma: Distinctive aromatics that distinguish it from any other Sauvignon blanc. Ripe tropical and exotic fruits with notes of peaches, pineapple, pink grapefruit and anise. The nose reveals that this is a wine full of power and minerality. Palate: Superbly balanced with great acidity, this 2015 is a classic for ... more


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Melka Métisse Jumping Goat Vineyard 2013

Melka Métisse Jumping Goat Vineyard 2013

The 2013 vintage will most likely go down in history as one of the best for the Napa Valley and this site, despite the grandness of the vintage, has stayed true to its style that is inherent from this vineyard. So much like the Graves area in Bordeaux, the wine ... more


in mixed case $143.99

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