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Dewatsuru Sakura Emaki Sake

Dewatsuru Sakura Emaki Sake

With a beautiful and enticing pink hue derived from the color of the rice, this sakes has elegant aromas of cherry and plum blossoms, underscored by notes of apples and berries. On the palate, the sake is silky smooth with a touch of sweetness that is balanced by a crisp ... more


 350ml Bottle

SKU 17901

Dewatsuru Junmai Ginjo

Dewatsuru Junmai Ginjo

A crisp, dry, expressive sake, this Dewatsuru Junmai Ginjo exhibits an excellent balance of flavors and fragrance. The nuttiness of Akita Sake Komachi rice balances the delicate fruit and hint of vanilla bean. Smoothly glides to a perfect finish. Food Pairing: The crisp acidity elevates the taste of fish, making ... more



SKU 17899

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