Forres Park Puncheon Rum 750ml
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Forres Park Puncheon Rum


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Category Rum
Origin Trinidad and Tobago
Brand Forres Park
Alcohol/vol 75%
Proof 150.00
Forres Park was the name of the old sugar estate the Fernandes family acquired in the early 1930's. Forres Park Rum derived its name from this estate and the large casks known as "Puncheons", in which over-proof rum was stored a long time ago. It was once conserved for use by the Fernandes family and their estate workers who enjoyed its robust strength and smooth taste, especially in the cool evening time. However, the secret of this rum was too delicious to be kept from the entire world. Amazingly, without branding or marketing its popularity spread like wildfire, and today it is Trinidad's favourite over-proof rum. Why not take a nip in the evening when the cool Caribbean breeze makes you remember times of old, or mix it to make exotic drinks and rum punches.

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