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Quinta do Bomfim (meaning ‘good end’) was purchased in 1896 by George Warre at a time when he thought that a shipper should take a closer interest in the production of Port, a move that was somewhat unconventional at the time. The building of the lodge and the house began in 1896 and was finished a year later. The vineyard continued to expand and by 1930 was producing some 100 pipes of Port (1 pipe = 550 litres) per annum. The extending of the adega (winery) began in 1964 to make way for eight concrete autovinifiers. 1972 saw a third phase in the extension of the adega and an increase in the storage capacity to over 3,000 pipes. Today the winery is capable of producing approximately 7/8,000 pipes of Port during the vintage and continues to be updated and modernised in order to maximise the production of quality Port wine. 1997 saw the building of a new reception area and investments during 1998 include a new storage facility and weighing gantry. In 1970 a gradual programme of replanting the old terraced vineyards was started. This transformation focused on two objectives: firstly, to replace the old vines where production had fallen to negligible levels; and secondly, to obtain a ‘fresher’ style of wine from the higher vineyards to complement the more structured wines of the lower terraces. All the new vines have been planted in blocks of the traditional varieties to suit the altitude and soil. The vineyard itself extending to 35 hectares produces some 350 pipes of Port and is split into the following grape varieties: Roriz Touriga Francesa Touriga Nacional Barroca Tinto Cão and Tinta Amarela A single quinta wine was launched in 1988 with the 1978 vintage. Quinta do Bomfim Vintage Port is only produced in ‘un-declared’ years, as in Vintage years the wine from this quinta goes to produce the core of Dow’s great Vintage Port. The property situated within a short walk of the winery is based on a design taken from an Indian tea-planter style of house. Surrounded by a wide veranda and filled with many old family photographs the house has a very friendly atmosphere. This property has not escaped substantial investment over the years with the building of a new dining-room in 1986 and the refurbishment of the kitchen and various rooms during the later half of 1997 and early part of 1998.
Dow's Vintage Port 2017

Dow's Vintage Port 2017

v 98
ws 96
we 96
It is rare to see such tremendous depth and intensity in color as this wine displays. The freshness of the floral aromas is very attractive with a dominance of rockrose, a flower that grows wild around the hills of Senhora da Ribeira. On the palate, it is exceptionally full-bodied, rich ... more


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Dow's Trademark Finest Reserve Port

Dow's Trademark Finest Reserve Port

we 89
ws 88
Rich ruby color. On the nose packed with rich and concentrated strawberry fruit, and hints of spices. On the palate, full fruit flavors, well balanced, and with a long slightly dry finish that is the hallmark of all Dow's Ports.  more


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Dow's Tawny Port 10 year old

Dow's Tawny Port 10 year old

ws 92
we 90
Attractive Tawny colour with a classic bouquet of nuts and almonds, finely balanced by some lovely mature fruit. On the palate beautifully rounded, with hints of dried fruits, and an intense nutty finish.  more


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Dow's Fine Tawny Port

Dow's Fine Tawny Port

Dow's Fine Tawny is a three-year-old blend aged in small oak casks at our lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia. The barrel ageing produces a smoother and lighter style of wine than the Dow's Ruby which is aged primarily in large oak vats and tonels. Dow's Tawny combines subtle fruit ... more


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Dow's Tawny Port 2017

Dow's Tawny Port 2017 20 year old

The grapes are harvested by hand in the fall and fermented for a short period of time before the addition of 100% neutral grape spirit alcohol. This step stops fermentation, preserves the wine's natural grape sugars, and gives it unique rich flavors. Aged Tawnies spend many years aging in oak ... more


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