Ypioca Prata Cachaca 1L
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Ypioca Prata Cachaca

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Category Cachaca
Origin Brazil
Brand Ypioca
Alcohol/vol 40%
This clear Brazilian rum has a fruity nose that also displays paraffin notes. The body is medium, and the palate bears a peppery quality that interplays well with the almost grape-like fruitiness. Cachaça is a genuine Brazilian beverage produced through the fermentation of pure sugar cane juice. Aged for 1 year in special Brazilian Freijó wood barrels acquiring special taste and bouquet. Established in 1846, Ypióca is the largest estate producer of Cachaça in brazil! Cachaça is the key ingredient in the legendary caipirinha cocktail - the National Drink of Brazil!
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This estate-produced cachaça has a candied-fruit scent and a mellow, earthy flavor with a lingering sweet vanilla note. Soft, smooth feel. Although it's aged two years, it's still crystal clear.

June 1, 2011

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