Accadia Evelyn Verdicchio Macerato 2020 750ml
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Accadia Evelyn Verdicchio Macerato 2020


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Category Orange Wine
Origin Italy
Brand Accadia

100% Verdicchio - 40 days skin contact - Stainless Steel 

This intensely orange wine is what Angelo calls a "return to the past for a new expression of Verdicchio -- wine as my grandfather did, macerated on the skins and unfiltered". We love that he reminds us that a style that is very trendy in natural wine circles today is actually a traditional winemaking method in many parts of Italy. And skin maceration really complements Verdicchio, serving to highlight the floral and juicy fruit qualities rather than subdue them with tannins and drying tea-like notes. Despite nearly 40 days on the skins, the "Evelyn' retains Verdicchio's varietal character, and somehow manages not to get too tannic. The texture is nice and chewy, the acid vibrant, and the fruit softly tropical and stone-fruity. Don't let appearances fool you, this is a lovely, beginner-friendly orange wine that shines with food. 

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